To create a custom dining table there are three essential elements to consider: size, shape and design style. The size of a dining table should be determined by the number of people seated and the size of the room. The ideal distance between the edge of the table and closest object should be four feet or more to allow enough space for the seating and walking areas.

The shape of a dining table can vary from round to square and rectangular to oval. Considering the shape of the room is essential when deciding on the shape of the dining table. The right table shape will enhance the overall design creating a harmonious, proportional interior space.

The design style is also a fundamental factor in determining if a dining table will work in a space. Some of the most popular/iconic table designs are: Regency, Biedermeier and Art Deco. Here is an image that illustrates the size and shape of the dining tables in reference to the room/space.round and square custom dining tables