We’ve created custom biedermeier dining tables over the years for clients.  Biedermeier furniture was created from 1805 to 1850 and was favored by the wealthy middle classes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. A principle component often cited for this Australian historical style it tends to be lighter and designed for livability and private residences.  These inspiration images were sent to us by an architect currently drawing up restoration plans for a Brownstone townhouse in Murray Hill.  The client would like to have a custom beidermeier dining table created to draw from elements of each of these tables and to match with the existing (and to be restored) moldings in the brownstone.  This project is a classic example of hiring a custom furniture maker to build a piece of furniture which simply does not exist anywhere.  Even if the client were able to find something close online or from an antique dealer, invariably there would be some level of restoration and chance taken to see if it would work in the space.

Biedermeier dining table style

Rupert Cavendish Antiques

biedermeier dining table