Upholstery is an essential, fundamental element to designing and completing high end custom furniture, especially couches and chairs with intricate curves and shapes. Whether it’s the iconic and ever popular wingback chair by Tom Dixon or this loveseat originally designed by Kirstin Horlin-Holmquist, upholstery will make or break the look. When looking for upholsterers you will find an entire range of prices and skill levels, and unfortunately often the quotes are directly related to the level of work. There are many factors to consider when finding an upholsterer, what type of furniture it is, how much is the piece worth, do you want to resell it, etc. ERA Interiors is the source for high end upholstery in New York City, you will not find a better company that can deliver the level of superior quality for upholstery.

loveseat kerstin horlin holmquist