By | December 8th, 2010|all, Art Deco, Dining Space, Dining Tables, Veneering work|

This is an increasingly popular style for an Art Deco dining table we designed for a store in the design district in Miami.    The base is a custom design drawn from two deco tables the interior designer provided us with (below).  He liked the curve of the base panning up to a straight edge where the legs rest on the flat surface (pictured below left), and the subtle inward curves of the legs on the table to the lower right.  The legs are sort of a combination of both styles, as well as the base integrating elements from each table.   The last component was the how the wood grain would look, they had a furniture set with black ebony veneer inlay and loved how the grain was straight rather than the veneers on the two tables they provided us.  This dining table is the perfect example of how anything is impossible, in terms of incorporating a variety of ideas, in order to create a one of a kind piece of furniture.

art deco dining tableart deco dining tables