Biedermeier side chair

By | August 18th, 2010|all, Biedermeier, Chairs, Designs, Dining chairs, Dining Space, Ebonizedwood finish, SEATING, STYLES|

biedermeier ebonized chairThe Biedermeier style was popular in Austria, Scandavia and Germany from 1815 to the mid 1840s.  After Germany defeated Napoleon the country revived trade for its furniture through this style.  The German name is broken into two components, bieder, which means plan or honest and meier, a common German surname.  These definitions reflect characteristics of the furniture with its simple symmetrical and classical forms influenced by the Empire and Regency styles of furniture.  It’s one of the more popular styles that interior designers request because they are elegant and clean yet can match nicely with other styles in an eclectic style interior.  Light colored veneers are prevelant in Biedermeier furniture, particularly Birch, Maple and Cherry, often over large areas contrasted with a dark ebony inlay.  Also, there are inverse designs; Biedermeier style has ebonized variations (pictured) with a maple inlay edge, this directs one’s focus on the elegant and clean shape (rather than the wood grain of the veneers).   Despite being designed in 1825, this chair still has a modern feel. 18th century ornamentation is also a key indicator of Biedermeier furniture, especially shells, lyres, urns and simple geometric shapes.