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Neoclassical lounge chair

By | November 18th, 2010|all, Chairs, Entry, Living Space, Lounge chairs, Neoclassical, Reproduction, ROOM, SEATING, White washed finish|

We found the image to the right on happy lady decorates and it reminded me of the Neoclassical lounge chair on the left that we created few years ego. These chairs are almost identical but the upholstery is different. The custom chair on the left was upholstered with dark leather and has antique  nail heads, the chair in the entryway is more casual and was upholstered with a linen fabric.

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Regency Spoon Chair

By | October 17th, 2010|all, Chairs, Lounge chairs, Regency, SEATING, STYLES|

Similar to the Klismos chair, designers consistently draw inspiration from earlier historical designs. Often elements from certain styles are incorporated into new designs. The Spoon back chair was created during the Regency period. We’ve created several variations of this chair including one with white lacquer, another in black lacquer with gold motifs and also some with a natural finish.  It’s common to see spoon-back chairs on casters but they can also be designed without them.

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Sheraton style chair

By | October 1st, 2010|all, Chairs, SEATING, Sheraton, Side chairs, STYLES|

sheraton style chair
Sheraton style incorporates segmented curves and straight lines which creates a crisp and light style.  It was inspired by the neoclassical elements of Robert Adam’s work and adapted for use in small, domestic interiors. There are many variations of chairs in the Sheraton style and some incorporate delicate marquetry and paintings of flowers, feathers, acanthus leaves and classical urns as ornaments. This Sheraton chair features a rectangular chair back with squared tapered legs, spade feet that continued upward to form the side braces of the back. Most of Sheraton’s chairs were located in dining rooms, dressing rooms and lady’s bedrooms.

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Neoclassical side chair

By | September 6th, 2010|all, Chairs, Dining Space, French Hand Polish, Neoclassical, Office Space, SEATING, Side chairs, Store, STYLES|

Neoclassical side chair

This is a side chair designed by ERA Interiors and was inspired by elements of the neoclassical style. Here we achieved an eclectic look by incorporating classical elements with light delicate proportions and clean upholstery. The two straight tapered legs in the front are lined with vertical flutings. For this design we eliminated the square blocks that are often on the top of chairs by upholstering them. We also incorporated an oval chair back without exposed wood to give the chair a more contemporary look.  Incorporating classical elements in current pieces of furniture is something to consider when creating your own design.

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Biedermeier side chair

By | August 18th, 2010|all, Biedermeier, Chairs, Designs, Dining chairs, Dining Space, Ebonizedwood finish, SEATING, STYLES|

biedermeier ebonized chairThe Biedermeier style was popular in Austria, Scandavia and Germany from 1815 to the mid 1840s.  After Germany defeated Napoleon the country revived trade for its furniture through this style.  The German name is broken into two components, bieder, which means plan or honest and meier, a common German surname.  These definitions reflect characteristics of the furniture with its simple symmetrical and classical forms influenced by the Empire and Regency styles of furniture.  It’s one of the more popular styles that interior designers request because they are elegant and clean yet can match nicely with other styles in an eclectic style interior.  Light colored veneers are prevelant in Biedermeier furniture, particularly Birch, Maple and Cherry, often over large areas contrasted with a dark ebony inlay.  Also, there are inverse designs; Biedermeier style has ebonized variations (pictured) with a maple inlay edge, this directs one’s focus on the elegant and clean shape (rather than the wood grain of the veneers).   Despite being designed in 1825, this chair still has a modern feel. 18th century ornamentation is also a key indicator of Biedermeier furniture, especially shells, lyres, urns and simple geometric shapes.

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Klismos chair

By | August 17th, 2010|all, Chairs, Greek revival, SEATING, Side chairs, Store, STYLES|

Klismos_chair_handmade This hand made side chair was inspired by the original Greek Klismos chair form the ancient Greece. The Klismos  is one of the most influential furniture piece that appear centuries later in chairs like the one on the left as well as chairs of the Directoire, Empire, Regency, Duncan Phyfe and even modern styles like T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings.

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Neoclassical armchairs

By | August 15th, 2010|all, Armchairs, Bedroom, Chairs, Designs, Living Space, Lounge chairs, Neoclassical, SEATING, STYLES|

Neo-Classical_style_armchairThis armchair design was inspired by the Neoclassical style and features elements characteristic of Louis XVI period as well as the contemporary clean lines of the present. It has a rectangular silhouette enriched with vertical and horizontal flutings. The legs are topped by square blocks which feature hand carved small rosettes with light and delicate proportions the same way that the chairs in the Dining set in Neoclassical style do.  The chair back in this furniture piece is rectangular but there are also other variations in the Neoclassical  style  that  we’ll post in the future such as  the oval back and the spiral flutings among others.

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Loop chair

By | August 9th, 2010|Dining chairs, Dining Space, Ebonizedwood finish, Frances Elkins, Office Space, SEATING, Side chairs|

custom loop chair

Loop chair

The loop chair is a highly popular design and the indoor and outdoor versions have been reinterpreted, restored and redesigned by numerous designers in the U.S. and Europe.  The unique loop chair was originally created by Frances Elkins it is an iconic design with a retro modern feel and the various incarnations have been mainly in lacquer in different colors and with natural wood grain. Our own interpretation has a matte black lacquer finish however it can be designed with any finish or fabric requested by the client and/or designer.

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Dining set in Neoclassical style

By | July 28th, 2010|all, Chairs, Dining chairs, Dining Space, Neoclassical, Reproduction, SEATING, STYLES, White washed finish|

Neoclassical dining set

These two custom made dining chairs were inspired by the neoclassical style and are part of a set of eight chairs created by ERA Interiors for a penthouse in New York City. The Neoclassical style furniture incorporates straight lines, classical architectural motifs and light delicate proportions creating more rectangular simple silhouettes.  These chairs exhibit straight, tapered legs enriched with vertical flutings and topped by square blocks with small, hand carved rosettes. These chairs have rectangular backs as a part of their design, but some variations can be oval. These clean, timeless and elegant neoclassical dining chairs are highly sought after by designers and clients who want to create an eclectic, original design for their space.

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Federal style armchairs

By | July 26th, 2010|all, Chairs, Federal, French Hand Polish, Living Space, Lounge chairs, Reproduction, SEATING|


Federal Armchairs

The Lyre-back armchair on the left was provided to us by a client. They hired us to create an identical chair for a set.   These  armchairs have a classic lyre in the center of the back with reeded arms and leg.  These chairs are a common example of furniture created during the Federal period of the early 19th Century.  The Federal period was marked by a more sophisticated style than the earlier Colonial interiors and distinguished itself with slimmer lines and geometric shapes.  Often mahogany and lighter -tone woods are utilized and to create these pieces highly skilled European trained master craftsman were hired to execute the designs.  There are several variations to these chairs which we will post.

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