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One of the most popular finishes on our custom furniture is lacquer.   There are three main different categories that the lacquer finishes fall into:
1. Matte
2. Semi-gloss
3. High Gloss

Usually the first choice for designers is which of these broad finishes to select. The next decision is color, any color be matched whether it’s a wall paint color or matching the lacquer color to another piece of furniture.  It’s important to note that there will be a slight variance in the way the color displays if the lacquer finish is different from where the source color is selected. If you are pulling a color from a satin or eggshell Benjamin Paint sample, for instance, and would like to match that color with a high gloss lacquer furniture piece, the color will be the same but the finish will make it look slightly different.

Because you can match colors with lacquer furniture and it’s ease of cleaning,  maintenance, and durability, combined with its timelessness and elegance, lacquer furniture continues to be highly sought after. It also has a broad range of design flexibility in that it can be a compliment, accent or center piece with a broad range of styles including  Contemporary, Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, Beidermeier, Regency and Neoclassical.