Types of wood

By | August 5th, 2010|FINISH, Types of wood|

types of woodThe diverse types of wood provide color, texture, strength and give a handmade piece of furniture a unique look and a distinguished level of authenticity. It is essential to consider the characteristics of the wood to be used for each project. Each wood has its own distinctive grain structure and while some have more open pores others have smaller holes given the each type of wood unique characteristics. Some woods are deciduous also called “Hardwoods”, others are conifers also known as “Softwoods”, and others are more rare and distinctive also known as Exotic woods. Hardwoods loses leaves in winter time (e.g. walnut, oak and mahogany)  while softwoods retail foliage year around (e.g. pine). Not all hardwoods are hard (e.g. balsa) and not all softwoods are soft (e.g.yellow pine)