By | November 22nd, 2010|all, Benches, Contemporary, Entry, ROOM, SEATING, STYLES|

Custom benches are often sought by clients because furniture sets usually don’t include a matching bench, or if it’s going to be placed in an entryway usually there are other specialty pieces of furniture which need to be matched.  Size and comfort are usually the main issues.  For whatever reason many bench designs seem to sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa.  From a design sense they are often perceived more as a utility item rather than a part of luxury seating the way a lounge or side chair is.  This is a maple bench we designed as part of a renovation for a carriage house in Carroll Gardens.  The foyer was a decent size and had a rectangular shape so the proportions of the bench needed to fit perfectly in the space, it measures 40x20x17 and the fabric is combination of linen and cotton.

custom maple bench