Paolo Buffa – Italian furniture designer

By | January 17th, 2011|all, Art Deco, Neoclassical|

Paolo Buffa was an Italian cabinet maker who began his career in 1927 working under the eye of Italian architect and furniture designer Gio Ponti and in 1928 working with architect A. Cassi Ramelli.  Buffa was known for his extraordinary level of craftsmanship in his furniture and his ability to incorporate traditional designs with more modern elements in his furniture.  The early part of his career
featured neo classical style and towards the end of the 1920s he began expanding his designs to incorporate more exotic shapes and elements. He is considered one of the early pioneers of modernism in furniture throughout the world which began to take root in the 1950s as well as an early inspiration for much of the art deco furniture created.  Many designers today cite Paolo Buffa as a major inspiration for his original and iconic designs.  There are some great examples of his work listed here and here.

Elle Decor posted this great photo of an interior designed by Michael S. Smith incorporating one of Paolo Buffa’s cabinets.

cabinet by paolo buffa