The Essence of beautiful handmade furniture

By | January 28th, 2011|Regency, Side chairs|

spoon back chairA great article from the September 2006 issue of architectural digest interviewing Axel Vervoordt and highlighting the fundamental essence of creating and designing high end handmade furniture. “Chairs “sit,” tables “live” and “grow old” and, refreshingly, “get better with age.” Bringing together antique and contemporary pieces is, he observes, “like a dialogue. It’s like bringing people together around the table to have a nice dinner.” We as humans are constantly looking for that authentic, human connection, whether it’s a 200 or 20 year old handmade chair, piece of music or painting, the ability to feel the essence of the works’ creation is what gives them their value.

Designing and creating something handmade that will immediately look amazing in your commercial or residential space, and ten times better in twenty or fifty years, is a key factor to consider when purchasing a piece. Although the pictured spoon back chair was recently created by Vervoordt’s firm, it can fit effortlessly into a 17th century european villa filled with antiques.